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Aside from choosing your spouse, choosing your wedding photographer will be one of the most important decisions you make in regard to your wedding.
No pressure though. 

When your wedding day comes to an end and the food is all eaten, the drinks all consumed, the guests have all gone, and the flowers will soon begin to wilt, you'll have nothing left from this amazing day except your memories AND the amazing images you've hired me to take. 

When you hire me to document your wedding day, you get way more than a photographer. I will be your friend, your cheerleader, your keeper of time, your drink getter, the person who makes everyone take a step back if you need a minute to breathe, and most importantly your storyteller. 

Every wedding photographer has a different approach to how they capture weddings. My approach is semi-prompted documentary, meaning I will document your day as it unfolds with minimalistic interruptions. Of course, I will set aside time to capture your posed wedding portraits, family formals, and any other specific requests, but the majority of your day I will spend capturing moments candidly with minimal input. Don't worry, I won't leave you flying blind either. I will make suggestions when needed, ask you to hold a moment if it's amazing and I need an extra second, or give prompts to make posed portraits a bit more natural. 

Full wedding galleries available for viewing upon request. 

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