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     When booking a wedding package, I often get told "I don't think I need a bridal session. It's just a bunch of pictures of me." Bridal sessions are so much more than that.

Bridal sessions are essentially a trial run for your wedding day. You have the opportunity to perfect the exact hair and makeup look you are going for without wedding day stressors.  


 On your wedding day, it's hard to find much down time to concentrate on you and all of your beauty like a bridal session allows. A bridal session will allow us to leisurely stroll around, fluff your train to the perfect fullness, and make sure every hair is in place. We will be able to capture every moment as you prepare for one of the best and most memorable days of your life. get to introduce me to your gorgeous wedding dress so I can "wow" and "ahhhh" over it repeatedly. 




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