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Family & Children

 Family sessions are, in my opinion, one of the most important sessions that we offer. Often we take for granted the members of our families and the little moments. We get complacent and come up with excuses to put off booking a session. I often get told, "as soon as I lose some weight," "I can't find time," and "I don't like how I look." That's when I try to point out that these images aren't just for you. They are for your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your friends. They don't care if you're rocking a double chin or that your clothes fit a little tighter than you'd like. All they care about is you. They care that you were present and that you love them. 

 Families change and children grow; it's part of life. You don't get a do over. There is no play back button. Make the time. Have the pictures taken. Let me document your family's growth over the years, and make sure that you never have to regret not having those memories to look back on. 
Here at Taylor Cooley Photography you'll find a mixture of both posed portraits (because everybody loves a good wall hanger) and candid portraits.


When booking a session for your family, don't be afraid to let your little one bring their favorite toy, or encourage them to play their favorite games, or run wild and free while I (slowly but surely) chase them. These sessions are about documenting them and their childhood, their fun, their cute little scrunched up noses while they belly laugh, and every other detail you want to preserve.


We offer regular family sessions, extended family sessions, as well as event coverage for family reunions.

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